Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is an historic house with gardens located on the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina. As one of the oldest plantations in the south, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The plantation dates to 1676 when Thomas and Ann Drayton built a house and small formal garden on the site. Originally a rice plantation, Magnolia became known for its gardens after the Reverend John Grimke Drayton inherited the property in the 1840s and began to rework its gardens in an English style. According to legend, he built the gardens to lure his bride south from her native Philadelphia. He was among the first to utilize Camellia japonica in an outdoor setting (1820s), and is said to have introduced the first azaleas to America.

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2 Responses to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

  1. Cat says:

    What a lovely image! I love the rich, deep colors of the garden and the way the fog is rolling over the water. It really does look like a magical place…if I were John’s bride, I think that I could easily be lured from Philadelphia to South Carolina (honestly, the lack of having to deal with snow would have factored heavily into my decision as well :)).

  2. Renee Patrick says:

    What a beautiful garden.The colors are so vibrant.The fog gently rolling in over the water leaves a feeling of anticipation. A great place to escape from it all.What woman wouldnt be lured by such a beautiful and romantic place created for her.

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